After migration is complete

The final step of the migration process confirms when the upgrade has been successfully completed, and displays shortcut links for the administrator to access the new Joomla! 3.8 installation. You can visit the front-end of the new install using the "Site" link, while the "Administrator" link will direct you to the back-end. With a successful migration, you should be able to log into the new site using the same username and password as the old one.

Post-migration verification and testing

Now that the upgrade is complete, it is recommended to run through the following checklist:

In the back-end
  • Verify all user accounts were transferred and group level permissions settings have been maintained
  • Check that all Joomla! categories and articles were transferred correctly, including any Joomla! 1.5 sections that were converted
  • Check that all menus were transferred and menu items and parameters have been maintained
  • Check that all core modules and stored parameters were transferred
  • In case they are part of the site's functionality, check to ensure that any banners, contacts, newsfeeds and weblinks (and their respective category structures) have been transferred and rebuilt successfully
  • If any supported third-party components are being used on the new 3.8 site, verify that all the relevant data has been transferred successfully (this can only be done after the 3.8 version of the component has been installed)
  • Check Joomla!'s Global Configuration to verify all relevant settings are correct
In the front-end
  • Check that the template(s) used for the site are being displayed correctly
  • Check that all menu item links work and point to the items they are meant to
  • Check that any Joomla! categories being used have the correct articles assigned to them
  • Check that the modules are displaying in the correct positions

Making manual adjustments to the new site

After testing the integrity of the migration, there are several manual adjustments that might have to be made to complete the gaps in the site and resolve minor display issues. Some of these include:

  • locating and installing any required language packs (as these are not migrated)
  • updating the template positions of modules not yet assigned or those that lost their assignments to match those of the new template
  • if using a club template, locating and installing the 3.8 version of the template in the new site
  • locating and installing the native 3.8 versions of the components whose data was migrated
  • locating and installing the native 3.8 versions of any modules that were being used on the old site
  • locating and installing the native 3.8 versions of any plugins that were being used on the old site
  • in the event that 3.8 versions are not available, locating, installing and configuring any extensions that would provide similar or equal functionality to the ones used on the old site, or leaving the functionality out for the meantime altogether