jUpgradePro is an extension of Joomla!  that allows you to migrate the information you have stored easily between two different installations of Joomla!

You will be able to migrate data from older versions of Joomla! to the latest versions in minutes! Also you can move data from differents Joomla! sites using the same version.

Also allow us to move our site to another Joomla! installation using PostgreSQL.

jUpgradePro uses two methods to migrate:

  * Database: Read data directly from the database.

  * RESTful: This method allows you to migrate data between two installations of Joomla! by webservices, which adds ease when setting the extension.

Different versions of Joomla! They are supported by this extension:

  # 1.0 => 2.5, 3.0+   Only supported database method
  # 1.5 => 2.5, 3.0+   Both methods supported
  # 2.5 => 2.5, 3.0+   Both methods supported
  # 3.0+ => 2.5, 3.0+  Both methods supported. Downgrade available.



Documentation for v3.8.x


Documentation for v3.6.x (old)

http://www.siteground.com/tutorials/joomla-video/migrate-joomla15-to-joomla3/ (English)

http://www.webempresa.com/blog/item/1229-migrar-de-joomla-1-5-a-3-1-3-2-con-jupgradepro.html (Espanol)


jUpgradePro v3.8 is an extension for Joomla! 3.8 and greater


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Latest stable version v 3.8.0



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jUpgradePro by Matware is licensed under a GNU General Public License, version 2
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