mtwMigrator is a component for the new version of Joomla (1.5) that allows to migrate all the data of an old database of the previous version of Joomla (1.0).

This component pretend to migrate users, sections, categories, contents, menus and modules of an external database.

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mtwMultiple is an extension for Joomla 2.5 that allows to create and manage multiple Joomla installations.

You can install and configure components within mtwMultiple and then install these components on the new sites. Also you can configure the Virtual Hosts support for Apache (Linux).

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World Cup

world-cup-trophy-fifaThis extension is to create a gaming site dedicated to the World Cup South Africa 2010. Users can place bets on games and playing as they will generate a table with the points they earn if they hit the result.

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Modulo de CuentaDigital para Virtuemart

Este modulo compatible con el sistema de pagos Virtuemart permite utilizar el servicio de pagos por internet de CuentaDigital en la venta de los productos.

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Modulo de DineroMail para VirtueMart

Este modulo para VirtueMart pretende la utilización del servicio de DineroMail como método de pago.

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