We are very happy to announce the release of jUpgradePro v3.9.0. In this version we tried to focus on the excess weight of the package because the composer libraries dragged a lot of ballast. Also we focus on Joomla! 3.9 compatibility and working for support Joomla! 4.0 soon!

The list of changes and features:

• Fix `composer install` issues

Decrease in package weight

• Joomla! 3.9 compatibility

• Fix problems migrating from Joomla! 1.0

• Huge list of small issues


jUpgradePro v3.9.0 is developed only for Joomla! 3.8 and greater. If you use Joomla! 3.7 or less, we strongly recommend to use jUpgradePro 3.4.