Sometimes if we read an external document like a PDF we got some 'strange' whitespace characters that cannot be removed using trim(), so one good solution for this is to use str_replace()

$value = str_replace("\xA0", ' ', $value);

This way replaces the non existing IS_NUMERIC() function in MySQL:

SELECT unit FROM testTable WHERE unit NOT REGEXP '^[+-]?[0-9]*([0-9]\\.|[0-9]|\\.[0-9])[0-9]*(e[+-]?[0-9]+)?$'

Sometimes we need to look for first letter of one column so we can use this syntax:

SELECT * FROM testTable WHERE LEFT (name, 1) = 'H';

We are very happy to announce the release of jUpgradePro v3.8.1 after long time without updates. In last version (3.8.0) we included into the package the external libraries that we use into our code, like jUpgradeNext, that is the base libraries of jUpgradePro. The problem with this is that zip file increase the size to up of 10 megabytes and that produces some error when we install the extension in some ISP with the upload limit below this size. Why i explain this? Because now with this new version, the process of the installation of Composer libraries is via web, into the jUpgradePro console.

The list of changes and features:

• Use Composer to install libraries via web
• Fix problems with aliases
• Huge list of small issues


jUpgradePro v3.8.0 is developed only for Joomla! 3.8 and greater. If you use Joomla! 3.7 or less, we strongly recommend to use jUpgradePro 3.4.



Most MySQL configurations come by default to allow only local connections. We must to change my.cnf file in /etc/mysql directory.

Search this line:

bind-address        =

And change for this line:

bind-address            =

La función print_r de PHP es usada comúnmente para el chequeo de errores y debug aunque con esta función sea bastante engorroso el echo de que no muestra los el contenido del objeto o del array de una manera fácil de entender.

Con esta función se corrige eso y se puede apreciar el contenido del objeto/array de una mejor manera:

function print_a($subject){
echo str_replace("=>","&#8658;",str_replace("Array","<font color=\"red\"><b>Array</b></font>",nl2br(str_replace(" "," &nbsp; ",print_r($subject,true)))));

This is a simple way to merge two object with PHP. This way only works with objects containing fields and not methods.

$obj_merged = (object) array_merge((array) $cats, (array) $catnames);

The tool sshfs is a good tool that allows mount a remote ssh system to use files on your local system. The way to install sshfs on Ubuntu or other Debian based system is:

sudo apt-get install sshfs

Then you can mount the remote ssh system using this command:

sshfs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: local-directory

Replace user, remote.hostname and local-directory with your values.

More Info:

A veces necesitamos tener esto a mano, entonces acá pongo el comando para compartir archivos .mov a archivos .flv con ffmpeg.

ffmpeg -i <> -deinterlace -ar 44100 -r 25 -qmin 3 -qmax 6 <archivo.flv>

Reemplazar texto en múltiples archivos

find . -name "*.php" -print | xargs sed -i 's/search/replace/g'